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Ninja Tomato  

Gender: Male
Affiliation: Ninja Tomato Position: Ninja
Background: A tomato driven by anguish, hardship, banishment and disgrace has sought a new road. His is a lane of murder and suffering bought by the highest bidder. Orphaned at a young age by the vast killing field of Goinai, this tomato was driven from his small town and fled to the outer rings of Gard-Zen. Past the vast dessert and over impossible mountains, he reached the murderous den of thieves and cutthroats. With this horde, he spent 5 years becoming ruthless and mighty. In return for blood debt to the horde Chieftain, his sole mission was to return to the capital of Curran and critically damage the city from within. This assassination cost Ninja Tomato his soul but became his own killer for hire.
- Over the years, Ninja Tomato has accumulated a variety of weapons. These include the long sword katana, the sickle, jacks and spurs, smoke bombs, exploding bombs, nunchucks, his own inventive sword, the bolo, dirks, daggers, the bamboo staff, the sia, and the claw. Each weapon serves a different need in his arsenal and Ninja Tomato chooses accordingly depending on his nightly mission.
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The Police-tom Surprise

It is go time!

The Whole Gang

All the Gang

Death Dealer

Double Swords

Ninja Tomato on the rooftop

NT enters

Throwing the Grapple Hook

Ninja with sword

Ninja Tomato and Chery Tomato

Ninja Tomato and his tools


Retribution Icon

More are coming

Ninja Tomato, Fiox and Chery Tomato

Ninja hangs down


Ninja Tomato Croquet

Ninja Tomato escapes on a mantis

Cherry Tomato

Menu-Tom Death scene

The Horde Leader

Grapple and rope


Throwing grappling hook blue

Ninja Throwing Darts and Jacks

SketchBookX Ninja Tomato

Ninja Tomato off the Vine

Tennis Ninja Tomato

Double Daggers



The Rice Merchant

Um? Boom!

About to Throw Black Egg


Ninja staking

Ninja swings over the sumo

Word is sent!

Screen Printing Ninja Tomato

Ninja Tomato wall piece

Ninja springs up


NT on Roof