ninja tomato

Ninja Tomato Stories:

Retribution story:

Ninja Tomato seeks retribution against Lord Cirio-tom. The encounter against the lordís captain Roka-tom while Ninja Tomato was conferring with his ally Fiox left him harried and bloodied. Ninja Tomato makes a decisive counter-attack against Cirio-tom at his capital stronghold to prove that this is one ninja go quietly into the night.

Ninja Tomato is become well known. His popularity with the local law is straining his job opportunities. When he meets up with a fellow ninja, the sparks begin to fly. When they get noticed by the law, the two must make the best of the situation to escape with their lives.

Kaki story:

Ninja Tomato takes a complex job. If he succeeds, he will allow a war to erupt in Gard-Zen. But, this is not his concern. He took the money for the death of a tomato. It doesn't matter to hi if it is a garbage-tom or a general of the accumulated armies. Unfortunately, that is exactly who the job is for.

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