ninja tomato

All about Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato was once a lonely small Tomato living on the streets and begging for his food to survive. He had happen upon a seldom used part of town on day and saw the moment that would change his life. Ninja Tomato toppled down from the roof, bloodied and exhausted. Cherry Tomato helped the Tomato to water and a safe place to sleep from the pursuers. When Ninja Tomato was better, he took Cherry along with him. They now live as Mentor and student.

Although Cherry Tomato's training is not finished, he uses a variety of non-leathal weapons such as bolos, ball and chain, nunchuks, long staff, and other rope and wood devices. Cherry Tomato has surpassed even Ninja Tomato in the art of stealth and invisibility, largely due to his small size and infinite patience.

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