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Dietrich and his women
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::Character Sheet::

Juan Ammos

Power: Energy Absorber and Dispeller
Power Description: Ability to pull kinetic or potential energy from the environment and store and dispel at his whim.
Occupation : Private
Background: Ammos was a young native Mexican wrestler and weightlifter until he was accused of taking muscle enhancing drugs. He was not allowed to compete any longer. At the time, he didn't understand that he was subconsciously draining power out of any nearby energy source. Eventually, his explosive anger destroyed his mother, house and family estate. After his grief subsided, he wandered Mexico doing odd jobs. At a lull, a small band of criminals used him as muscle. One heist, he was arrested. It took four police cars to get him to the station; their batteries kept dying. One night in jail, all the electricity went out and the cells unlatched. He began to understand what he was capable of.
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