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ID:183 Number of Views: 1268 -- Picture Description: ID:22 Number of Views: 1266 -- Picture Description: An original look at the inside of the structure if there is room between the rocks. ID:7 Number of Views: 1264 -- Picture Description: This cliff face shows some nubbin structures embedded into the rock. ID:11 Number of Views: 1263 -- Picture Description: Lost Cities needed a splash page. A picture that showed who the series is and what it looks like. ID:295 Number of Views: 1263 -- Picture Description: Clausin continues his walk, straight into Christopher King's Tour.  <br />  Continue reading: <a href=>   Page 3</a>. ID:186 Number of Views: 1262 -- Picture Description: ID:124 Number of Views: 1261 -- Picture Description: More guards appear! It is time to go. Ninja Tomato had just bested two guards before Zin-tom had came in. Now there are more! ID:19 Number of Views: 1260 -- Picture Description: An original look at the structure's dusty landscape without the usual darkness. ID:24 Number of Views: 1259 -- Picture Description: A ruined structure looms on the blank, creme colored deserted landscape. ID:23 Number of Views: 1257 -- Picture Description: Dusty, dusty, dusty sky. The atmosphere is ruined. The sun never shows thru. ID:20 Number of Views: 1255 -- Picture Description: People live in the ruined cities. A Woman goes about her washing in the toxic waters while the battle rages in the background. ID:30 Number of Views: 1255 -- Picture Description: Truly the first revamped Lost City attempt, 4 years after the original Oil paintings, to re-do the theme in another medium. The original oils were monotypes (a printing technique that yields one original only). Without those presses and paints, I decided that I could continue with other materials. This was the early result. ID:58 Number of Views: 1254 -- Picture Description: Griff is off, past the happy couple, and dining hall.  <a href=> Next Page </a>. ID:173 Number of Views: 1253 -- Picture Description: ID:2 Number of Views: 1250 -- Picture Description: The landscape is filled with canyons and structures. Erosion has irrigated this field. ID:17 Number of Views: 1250 -- Picture Description: A close up at the cities. ID:75 Number of Views: 1246 -- Picture Description: This flower seller pauses from her long day to have a break and a smoke away from the crowds. ID:110 Number of Views: 1246 -- Picture Description: Cirio-tom is the governing and spiritual leader of the capital city. His sword is reported to be blessed by the Guru Zona-tom. ID:150 Number of Views: 1232 -- Picture Description: The garbage man was a pinnacle part of Ninja Tomato's plan to access the Keep. ID:42 Number of Views: 1231 -- Picture Description: Duncan Near heads the security office. He is assisted by robot drones to keep the peace. ID:83 Number of Views: 1228 -- Picture Description: Blitzkrieg! : Top to Bottom/Left to Right: Ammos | Hicks | Schmidt | Shaw | Cheri | Dietrich | Drakes ID:87 Number of Views: 1227 -- Picture Description: Cheri and Ammos power up with dirt and electricity respectively to deal with the current threat ID:262 Number of Views: 1227 -- Picture Description: ID:38 Number of Views: 1224 -- Picture Description: Eve catches a exhaustive nap after a long day of computer work ID:52 Number of Views: 1223 -- Picture Description: The seal around Griff encloses him in his unique space that will take him into the closed transport system.  <a href=> Next Page </a>. ID:390 Number of Views: 1222 -- Picture Description: I recently recieved an Ipad 2 for Christmas and downloaded the SketchBookX app. This is one of my first Ninja Tomato sketches on it. ID:34 Number of Views: 1216 -- Picture Description: Left to right: Noal : Eve Masters : Fredrick Niche : Electra Le'voure ID:61 Number of Views: 1215 -- Picture Description: This is a self portrait. I am reading from one of my many sketchbooks. Every now and then, something does come along to disturb me. That is what I call the temptation. ID:210 Number of Views: 1213 -- Picture Description: ID:204 Number of Views: 1210 -- Picture Description: ID:168 Number of Views: 1209 -- Picture Description: Icon: Fiox with his chains ID:187 Number of Views: 1206 -- Picture Description: ID:294 Number of Views: 1205 -- Picture Description: Vanessa starts digging the tunnel. <br /> Read from the Begining: <a href=>   Page 1</a>. ID:193 Number of Views: 1202 -- Picture Description: ID:248 Number of Views: 1202 -- Picture Description: ID:82 Number of Views: 1201 -- Picture Description: Russian national Ivan Kenechov needs to escape the iron wall to defect to Kastinbal. The local fixer Sarah keeps watch as he finally scales the last obstacle.


ID:298 Number of Views: 1200 -- Picture Description: In the hall of Reservation Circles, Angela finds her new agency contact. ID:33 Number of Views: 1199 -- Picture Description: Left to right: Parliament Lam : Julia Simmons : Dr Inus ID:154 Number of Views: 1197 -- Picture Description: Ninja with an extremely ridiculous large edged weapon! ID:254 Number of Views: 1194 -- Picture Description: Blitzkrieg storms a castle to apprehend a priceless artifact. Get out of Dodge! Our covert team escapes. (Cheri, Shaw, Drake, Dietrich, Schmidt, Hicks) Read again: <a href=>   Page 1</a>. ID:297 Number of Views: 1194 -- Picture Description: Eve Masterson checks up on the monster computers that power Rebam ID:329 Number of Views: 1193 -- Picture Description: Marvel's Punisher ID:112 Number of Views: 1191 -- Picture Description: Cherry Tomato and his bo ID:212 Number of Views: 1191 -- Picture Description: ID:109 Number of Views: 1189 -- Picture Description: Most of Cherry Tomato weapons are non lethal, like this rope combination. ID:176 Number of Views: 1187 -- Picture Description: Fiox arrives to taunt Ninja Tomato ID:63 Number of Views: 1184 -- Picture Description: A picture of my girlfriend posing outside in the park. Across the street in the background, you can (sort of) make out where my apartment would be. ID:225 Number of Views: 1180 -- Picture Description: ID:177 Number of Views: 1179 -- Picture Description: NT shrugs off the advance. ID:218 Number of Views: 1177 -- Picture Description:
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