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Just the Pictures

ID:240 Number of Views: 4455 -- Picture Description: Marvel comics' Darkhawk character fights off monsters from another dimension in NYC Park. ID:28 Number of Views: 3889 -- Picture Description: Early Lost Cities attempt with airbrush in black and white. ID:29 Number of Views: 3856 -- Picture Description: Early Lost Cities attempt with airbrush in full color. ID:134 Number of Views: 2781 -- Picture Description: The Horde leader Moriu-tom sets out his plans for another impossible assasinations to Ninja Tomato. Impossible kills is the Ninja's specialty! ID:299 Number of Views: 2001 -- Picture Description: The warriors from the Lightbringer series by Brandon Sanderson: Teia , Karren and Breaker ID:129 Number of Views: 1887 -- Picture Description: Ninja Tomato, Cherry Tomato and their ally the Fiox! ID:118 Number of Views: 1830 -- Picture Description: Example of a Tower guard that defends the temple tower for unwanted external elements. ID:26 Number of Views: 1541 -- Picture Description: The spire of concentric circles once graced the desert with its marvel of architecture. ID:39 Number of Views: 1503 -- Picture Description: Chris King is the president and founder of Rebam city and life. ID:125 Number of Views: 1498 -- Picture Description: Ninja has a arsonal of small dangerous weapons to employ. ID:241 Number of Views: 1498 -- Picture Description: Ammos, Cheri, Hick and Hans have just awakened to the crys of a local woman and make good on their escape from a odd cargo truck. ID:121 Number of Views: 1496 -- Picture Description: The lord of the capital holds court with his trusted advisors. ID:136 Number of Views: 1476 -- Picture Description: Ninja waits patiently on the rooftop for just the right moment. ID:192 Number of Views: 1470 -- Picture Description: ID:144 Number of Views: 1467 -- Picture Description: Ninja Tomato gets around the world of Gard-zen as a successful rice Merchant. It allows him to access all areas where his other work takes him. ID:163 Number of Views: 1450 -- Picture Description: NT runs off the rooftop while preparing his hooked rope for a very important swing. ID:9 Number of Views: 1402 -- Picture Description: The Lost Cities rise out of the sand in a dizzying formation! ID:10 Number of Views: 1384 -- Picture Description: As one of the original Lost cities that converted the medium to watercolor, this shows the desert mounds in the front and the cities in the background. ID:127 Number of Views: 1362 -- Picture Description: Ninja Tomato and his protege Cherry Tomato get caught up by guards and face off in the gardens.


ID:104 Number of Views: 1325 -- Picture Description: Cirio-tom, Zin-tom, Nuri-tom and Roka-tom are the ruling parties in the town of Juisur. ID:48 Number of Views: 1310 -- Picture Description: Julia Simmons is a hard working Lawyer. She had just finished a case when she hears a call from behind. ID:8 Number of Views: 1305 -- Picture Description: These shell-like structures were the Energy-gathering automoms for the underground society. These structures have always been out of the dessert. ID:170 Number of Views: 1290 -- Picture Description: ID:1 Number of Views: 1282 -- Picture Description: In lost cities, there is a place where a round donut formation is on the hill. The locals have used this for navigation this plains for ages. ID:159 Number of Views: 1281 -- Picture Description: Ninja's weapons that he uses. Some classics and some originals. ID:128 Number of Views: 1279 -- Picture Description: Ninja Tomato and all his assorted weapons. ID:59 Number of Views: 1247 -- Picture Description: Griff shoots into the Closed conduit system and travels 100mph to his exit.  <a href=> Next Page </a>. ID:60 Number of Views: 1223 -- Picture Description: Griff exits and races thru the Market of Screens.  <a href=> Read again.. </a>. ID:3 Number of Views: 1219 -- Picture Description: The structure curls around and around. This one is so exposed that it has broken and fallen apart. ID:25 Number of Views: 1215 -- Picture Description: This doubled structure was a hub of underground transit when functional. ID:178 Number of Views: 1206 -- Picture Description: ID:172 Number of Views: 1204 -- Picture Description: ID:49 Number of Views: 1203 -- Picture Description: Goods come in via trucks and air as well as by sea. There are many hubs around the world that connect to Rebam's underground transit system. ID:281 Number of Views: 1198 -- Picture Description: Clausin starts his day in Rebam.  <br />  Continue reading: <a href=>   Page 2</a>. ID:149 Number of Views: 1197 -- Picture Description: Ninja swings over the sumo to get to the castle. ID:21 Number of Views: 1190 -- Picture Description: People come and go from the city. It is rare that survivors come back the ruined city. The desert is a harsh environment. ID:143 Number of Views: 1187 -- Picture Description: The ninja use grapples and rope to access the street, alleyways, rooftops, castles and cities. ID:279 Number of Views: 1187 -- Picture Description: Ammos, Drake, Shaw and Cheri gear up and check their weopons for the upcoming mission. ID:51 Number of Views: 1186 -- Picture Description: Griff shoots into the closed conduit transport system! <a href=> Next Page </a>. ID:27 Number of Views: 1182 -- Picture Description: Structures are usually rounded, dimpled and complexly connected. ID:138 Number of Views: 1180 -- Picture Description: The ninja employes many strange weapons in their fight. Like the Black egg! ID:181 Number of Views: 1177 -- Picture Description: ID:115 Number of Views: 1174 -- Picture Description: Ninja Tomato is a Death Dealer. ID:18 Number of Views: 1167 -- Picture Description: This was one of the first watercolor Lost Cities that transitioned from Oil Monotype to the new medium I had been working with. This was a crisp look at the desert. ID:261 Number of Views: 1167 -- Picture Description: ID:37 Number of Views: 1166 -- Picture Description: The Creator fashion is stylized after the pope. ID:12 Number of Views: 1161 -- Picture Description: An attempt to show the inside of a structure while looking outside into the desert. ID:135 Number of Views: 1156 -- Picture Description: The plan to burn down the place and destroy everything worked too well, the Ninja was still inside when it all went up! ID:5 Number of Views: 1155 -- Picture Description: At the cities, the technology has broken down and remains stagnant. ID:242 Number of Views: 1155 -- Picture Description: Tennis icons of a player in our tennis club <br /> See <a href=> Tennis <a/>
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