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ID:240 Number of Views: 4198 -- Picture Description: Marvel comics' Darkhawk character fights off monsters from another dimension in NYC Park. ID:28 Number of Views: 3696 -- Picture Description: Early Lost Cities attempt with airbrush in black and white. ID:29 Number of Views: 3509 -- Picture Description: Early Lost Cities attempt with airbrush in full color. ID:134 Number of Views: 2435 -- Picture Description: The Horde leader Moriu-tom sets out his plans for another impossible assasinations to Ninja Tomato. Impossible kills is the Ninja's specialty! ID:299 Number of Views: 1814 -- Picture Description: The warriors from the Lightbringer series by Brandon Sanderson: Teia , Karren and Breaker ID:129 Number of Views: 1761 -- Picture Description: Ninja Tomato, Cherry Tomato and their ally the Fiox! ID:118 Number of Views: 1728 -- Picture Description: Example of a Tower guard that defends the temple tower for unwanted external elements.


ID:241 Number of Views: 1420 -- Picture Description: Ammos, Cheri, Hick and Hans have just awakened to the crys of a local woman and make good on their escape from a odd cargo truck. ID:26 Number of Views: 1405 -- Picture Description: The spire of concentric circles once graced the desert with its marvel of architecture. ID:192 Number of Views: 1386 -- Picture Description: ID:39 Number of Views: 1383 -- Picture Description: Chris King is the president and founder of Rebam city and life. ID:125 Number of Views: 1370 -- Picture Description: Ninja has a arsonal of small dangerous weapons to employ. ID:163 Number of Views: 1346 -- Picture Description: NT runs off the rooftop while preparing his hooked rope for a very important swing. ID:144 Number of Views: 1333 -- Picture Description: Ninja Tomato gets around the world of Gard-zen as a successful rice Merchant. It allows him to access all areas where his other work takes him. ID:136 Number of Views: 1321 -- Picture Description: Ninja waits patiently on the rooftop for just the right moment. ID:121 Number of Views: 1296 -- Picture Description: The lord of the capital holds court with his trusted advisors. ID:9 Number of Views: 1294 -- Picture Description: The Lost Cities rise out of the sand in a dizzying formation! ID:127 Number of Views: 1263 -- Picture Description: Ninja Tomato and his protege Cherry Tomato get caught up by guards and face off in the gardens. ID:10 Number of Views: 1259 -- Picture Description: As one of the original Lost cities that converted the medium to watercolor, this shows the desert mounds in the front and the cities in the background. ID:159 Number of Views: 1206 -- Picture Description: Ninja's weapons that he uses. Some classics and some originals. ID:104 Number of Views: 1204 -- Picture Description: Cirio-tom, Zin-tom, Nuri-tom and Roka-tom are the ruling parties in the town of Juisur. ID:48 Number of Views: 1168 -- Picture Description: Julia Simmons is a hard working Lawyer. She had just finished a case when she hears a call from behind. ID:128 Number of Views: 1151 -- Picture Description: Ninja Tomato and all his assorted weapons. ID:170 Number of Views: 1149 -- Picture Description: ID:1 Number of Views: 1147 -- Picture Description: In lost cities, there is a place where a round donut formation is on the hill. The locals have used this for navigation this plains for ages. ID:59 Number of Views: 1132 -- Picture Description: Griff shoots into the Closed conduit system and travels 100mph to his exit.  <a href=> Next Page </a>. ID:49 Number of Views: 1131 -- Picture Description: Goods come in via trucks and air as well as by sea. There are many hubs around the world that connect to Rebam's underground transit system. ID:3 Number of Views: 1108 -- Picture Description: The structure curls around and around. This one is so exposed that it has broken and fallen apart. ID:25 Number of Views: 1104 -- Picture Description: This doubled structure was a hub of underground transit when functional. ID:172 Number of Views: 1102 -- Picture Description: ID:178 Number of Views: 1098 -- Picture Description: ID:21 Number of Views: 1097 -- Picture Description: People come and go from the city. It is rare that survivors come back the ruined city. The desert is a harsh environment. ID:281 Number of Views: 1082 -- Picture Description: Clausin starts his day in Rebam.  <br />  Continue reading: <a href=>   Page 2</a>. ID:135 Number of Views: 1081 -- Picture Description: The plan to burn down the place and destroy everything worked too well, the Ninja was still inside when it all went up! ID:60 Number of Views: 1077 -- Picture Description: Griff exits and races thru the Market of Screens.  <a href=> Read again.. </a>. ID:12 Number of Views: 1072 -- Picture Description: An attempt to show the inside of a structure while looking outside into the desert. ID:181 Number of Views: 1072 -- Picture Description: ID:261 Number of Views: 1070 -- Picture Description: ID:72 Number of Views: 1068 -- Picture Description: Misty is a mad girl. Her parents were mean, her brother was mean and her teachers were mean. Misty had had enough. That's is when the town had exploded. Misty protecting herself inside of her impregnable personal bubble. Survivor and Destroyer. ID:165 Number of Views: 1060 -- Picture Description: Icon: Nuri-tom with his bats ID:43 Number of Views: 1058 -- Picture Description: Niche thinks of himself as a modern day Pirate. His writings are rebellious and cut-throat. ID:279 Number of Views: 1053 -- Picture Description: Ammos, Drake, Shaw and Cheri gear up and check their weopons for the upcoming mission. ID:85 Number of Views: 1052 -- Picture Description: Early sketch : Top to Bottom/Left to Right: Drakes | Schmidt | Dietrick | Cheri | Shaw | Ammos | Hicks ID:115 Number of Views: 1044 -- Picture Description: Ninja Tomato is a Death Dealer. ID:169 Number of Views: 1044 -- Picture Description: Icon: Lord Cirio-tom and his blessed sword. ID:51 Number of Views: 1041 -- Picture Description: Griff shoots into the closed conduit transport system! <a href=> Next Page </a>. ID:119 Number of Views: 1039 -- Picture Description: Ninja Tomato has a contract out on this police-tom. ID:293 Number of Views: 1038 -- Picture Description: Clausin moves away from the cops and does some work in Rebams holographic system.  <br />  Continue reading: <a href=>   Page 3</a>. ID:250 Number of Views: 1037 -- Picture Description: Blitzkrieg storms a castle to apprehend a priceless artifact. The team Halo's in.  (Drake, Dietrich, Schmidt, Hicks, Ammos)Continue reading: <a href=>   Page 3</a>. ID:37 Number of Views: 1034 -- Picture Description: The Creator fashion is stylized after the pope.
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