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Woman Dresses
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Bad Day
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Lost Cities XXXIV
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Racing past the couple
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Tulip Fest


I will be at Tulip Fest with my wife and son!

Tulip Festival May 2010!


Washington park Albany NY on May 8 & 9th 2010!

Blam Graphics had a powerful showing at Tulip Fest this year! I told the story of Lost Cities and my artistic career to many interested people. I met fans that enjoyed the idea of Lost Cities. I also showed some earlier soft pencil prints and the Morning watercolor pictures. Many people walked away with prints of my work or a business card or just a heart felt story of an artist working in the city.

It was a hard weekend of the vendors and artists. There was rain and wind on Saturday and then extreme wind on Sunday. I was only there on Sunday due to the rain and wind on Saturday. I apologize to anyone who missed me on Saturday. I am glad I missed that day. I heard about some artist's work were washed away due to the wind and rain. Although, the wind on Sunday was high and it destroyed my tent. When the tent was flying away, the tent pole nearly hurt my artist neighbor (he is fine)! I had to settle for setting up my table. We were lucky for no rain on Sunday.

I sold a Traveler to a young couple who had re-made their kitchen in a French theme and the Traveler picture was of the Arch D Triumph in Paris, France. Another fan enjoyed the Morning theme and bought the second Girl in the Morning picture. I expect many emails from fans about commissions or buying original works off this site in the next couple days.

I thank my friend Stephanie for hanging out with me for a couple hours, the visit from my Wife and child Chase, as well as my photographer neighbor Tony. He was showing a picture of Chase, since we had had Tony take Chase's picture professionally. Chase was a conversation starter at that booth!

Official site: NY Tulip Fest

Art on Lark 2009


My collection of Lost Cities was again gracing the streets of Albany for Lark Fest. We had a successful day. People enjoyed my wall of orange cities. A bunch of prints were sold to fans. They wanted a piece of the Cities for their homes too. I made many new friends and also made some new contacts for exciting future projects. My newborn son Chase attended for a little while too.

Fulton Street Superhero Show


Fulton Street Gallery Superhero Show. Two Ninja Tomato paintings (2 by 4 foot) were completed for this show. These were done in Acrylic Airbrush medium. Please attend the reception Oct 31st at 5pm. Meet the artists and the Gallery owner Colleen. Hosted by Fulton Street Gallery.

Art on Lark 2008


The arts are important to the city of Albany. Lark street Bid hosts local artist in shows and exhibitions around the city. Lark street is the heart of Albany. On 6/21/08, they closed down the street and letting the art out of the shops. Original art from artists covered the 10 block road. From Washington ave to Madison ave, there were painters, sculptures and musicians.

Wine Store One Man Show


During the summer of 2007 I participated in a One Man Show at Harmony House Market Place, a Wine Store at 184-190 Remsen Street. I showed 20 paintings of the theme Lost Cities. Below is the list of the paintings which were on display for this show:

Showing: Lost Cities XVII, Lost Cities XXXIV, Lost Cities XV, Lost Cities LXIV, Lost Cities XIX, Lost Cities XIV, Lost Cities CVI, Lost Cities II, Lost Cities VIL, Lost Cities XVI, Lost Cities XLII, Lost Cities V, Lost Cities VII, Lost Cities VIII, Rebels of Lost Cities, Lost Cities LCXXXA-2, Lost Cities XIII, Lost Cities XXIII, Lost Cities LXII, Lost Cities XXII,



During June 2007, I displayed a few Lost City pieces in a storefront on Remsen Street, Cohoes. These storefronts were across the street from the Farmers Market. The festival of the farmers market will be every Friday from 4-7 PM this summer. This created great exposure for me and my work. Thanks again to Diane and everyone from Harmony House Marketplace.

Art on Lark 2006


2006: Art on Lark: I was able to show at the UAG my Lost Cities XXIII and Lost Cities for the Annual Festival of Art on Lark.

Pretting Grils and Robots show


The name of the painting is Lucy Eve. Lucy Eve is part human and part robot. Her symbiosis goes past the clunky tech world that we live in now but to a combination of human and robot in an intricate and graceful way.
Lucy Eve was inspired to be made for a show for the Upstate Artist Guild. The show was from May 12th through June 2nd 2006. It was held at the Upstate Artist Guild at 247 Lark Street Albany NY. Below are the pictures of the Gala with my picture on display