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Blitzkrieg storyline!

04/04/11 -- By: Thomas Blamire

I have completed a story involving my covert operation team Blitzkrieg!
In the 6 page black and white comic, the covert team enters a castle in Burma to recover a priceless item.
The story succeeds in giving just enough information about each of the characters for the reader to identify the special ability each member has.
This story has been 6 months coming. I started it in August 2010 and worked it until the end of September. Then it sat unfinished until February. I was able to craft a couple hours away, so I went to Panera and ate, drank and inked for 3 and a half hours. I had by ear buds in so I could concentrate. I do remember a couple onlookers that saw what I was doing and were impressed. I should have had my card out!
My plan was to take these pages to Staples to get scanned. I want large file size scans of these pages. I want to be able to show these pages to potential publishers. I will be also posting these pages as soon as I get them scanned. It is raining today, so I have to wait.

Tennis Singles

03/24/11 -- By: TJ

I had been thinking that we needed to understand how well we were doing as an individual, without doubles partners. I have implemented the Singles Grid into my page so that everyone can see how they did against every other member. It breaks the scores down by year and shows all the Sets after the Person vs Person link is pressed. I hope this will be useful to my friends to analyze their play.

Devastation for BlamGraphics

03/08/11 -- By: Thomas Blamire

There was flooding where I was storing my paintings! There was four pictures whose frames and matts were damaged. Luckily, the original watercolors are still ok. I am flattening now. For this reason, I am removing the option to buy the originals until I have made the appropriate updates.
Lost Cities XIX
Lost Cities XVII
Lost Cities CVII
Lost Cities XXXIV

Tennis Pages:

01/31/11 -- By: Thomas Blamire

The Tennis Stats has gotten an overhaul in design and color. Now it looks likes a Web Site!
See: The New Tennis Pages
Shout out for the background of the page from Harvey the Robot at .com

Character Pages

11/03/10 -- By: Thomas Blamire

Please view my Characters :
There are Three types: Blitzkrieg, Ninja Tomato and Rebam.

Switch the Pull page

10/14/10 -- By: Thomas Blamire

I am constantly playing with PHP and have figured out a little thing about switching the information I pull from the system on the same page. I plan to use it on the BlamPictures page to increase usability.

Blitzkrieg storyline 6 pages

09/10/10 -- By: Thomas Blamire

I have worked out a small story for my team. It is about the team storming of a fortress to get a unique expensive artifact. I planned it to be 6 pages long. I have the story written down and the panel by panel storyboard planned out. I am up to page 2 drawing. I have the first page and half the second pages inked as well. It is coming along nicely.

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