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Pen and Ink:

08/17/10 -- By: Thomas Blamire

I completed a comic page with the Marvel character Darkhawk. It has been quite a while since the last time I made a narrative drawing page. It was fun to get back to my roots. It had inspired me again for the medium of comic, narrative, line and ink.
Subsequently, I have worked on a scene of my Blitzkrieg characters escaping from some building or trailer truck. I do love using the brush to ink with the fountain pen for the extreme details.
See: Blitz Excapes and Darkhawk Comic page

Rebam Children

07/28/10 -- By: Artist Thomas

I have completed 10 pictures of Rebam child Griff, who skates challenges his friends to a race and takes us thru a journey of the underground Rebam facility. It is a fun ongoing series.

New Themes

06/24/10 -- By: Thomas Blamire

I am working on a new space time theme. I have two characters, a guy and and a girl. They wear space vacuum suits against the posibility of depressurization into space. In the first picture, they have guns ready as they escape thru a rounded structure that is comparable to a "bouncy-bouce".
I have also worked on some more Rebam childern, based on a dream I had.
More to come.

Tulip Fest

05/05/10 -- By: Thomas Blamire

As you can see from the events page, I will be doing the Tulip Fest. I have gotten my acceptance letter from NY State. I will be booth 11. That means I will be in Albany NY Washington park, near to the road side on the "Dana path" closer to the statue than Mandison ave. I think it will be a good spot.
I am getting my material ready. I have the tent and some set up. I still need to set up my picture displaies better so that I can maximize people coming in and out.
I hope not to be next to a magician this time!

To Buy

04/21/10 -- By: Artist

I started this web page to show my pictures. I draw, I paint, I doodle, I want to be creating more. The site takes a-lot of time but it is worth it. I have added to the BlamToBuy page to allow the viewer to search by Original, Print or Theme of all my sellable pictures! I hope that this helps searching thru to find the picture that is likable to you. Take a look! TJ - Artist.

Spotlight page

04/16/10 -- By: Thomas Blamire

Check out the "Spotlight" button on the top bar! I am putting a picture on a spotlight every week. I want to give my better pictures the time and light they deserve. Each week the Home page will show another. Don't worry though, you can see the prior 2 months worth of prior spotlighted pics on this page. Also, it shows you the new up-coming spotlight picture! - TJ

Just the Pics Page

04/16/10 -- By: Thomas Blamire

I love to just look at pictures. More the better. So, now with this "Just the Pics" page on the top bar, I can! They are listed in order of popularity. Please take a moment to view thru all my pictures at a glance. - TJ
Take the time to fill out the contact information in the contact page to add your information in the every-running ads on Blam Graphics - Admin

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