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Printing NT Grapple Hook

10/17/13 -- By: Thomas Blamire

This last week end was a successful day for printing Ninja Tomato.
I turned back to Drawing solution and made a painting of NT on the screen. I filled it correctly with Screen filler. Then I did touch ups with the filler on my negative. All this painting with the solution and the filler is like inking without a pencil sketch. It is very direct!
I then used my set up to make 3 prints in black on my shirts. Only one came out well. I was missing areas. I figured it out that the screen was not flat on the shirt.
My next attempt in red with a better set up proved to be a better go. See:

I had attempted to make the Ninja using photo emulsion. This was my second attempt and there are many variables to figure out. I hope to have a better turn out on my next shot.

Ninja Tomato Shirts!

09/23/13 -- By: Thomas Blamire

I have expanded my creations into the medium of Screen Printing! I had bought a SpeedBall started kit from Michael’s. I started with the pencil sketch of Ninja Tomato. With that one screen, I used the drawing fluid to mask out the Ninja Tomato picture. After that dried, I covered the rest of the screen with the Screen Filler. The next weekend, I printed 4 shirts! It didn’t take long at all! My son Chase has one, I have one in white and orange and there was one practice one in the beginning! I think I did a great job. They are very artistic!
The tutorials that I watched / read showed that the easiest and direct way to make the print was to draw / paint the drawing fluid on the screen. They never stated how hard that was! It is like glue! Paint with thick gooey glue! Oh, and since the screen is higher than the sketch and hard to see, I never knew when my paintbrush would touch the screen. My painterly skill was the only think that made this come out so well. Drying time was , half a day maybe.
The tutorials did say that application of the screen filler should be one nice sweep. Did I do that? Yes, but then was unimpressed and thought I could ‘clean it up’. That didn’t work. It just made blotchy filler areas. I taped off the edges with masking take screen down side. Drying time was probably longer than I thought.
While Printing these shirts, I learned that I needed more ink than I always thought and figured that this print had more ink than most would. I learnt that it was easier than I thought it would be. Doing a pass of ink, before the printing is a good idea to ‘flood the screen’ before application. Getting the inner board in and off the shirt was one of the hardest parts. Also setting up the drying area so that they dry flat involved a portable standing heater and time. I am not sure I can wash these shirts since they were not heat treated after I was done.
I will do an emulsion screen filler next. I will keep the picture smaller.
I will do one without Ninja Tomato holding weapons since I just got a call from my wife that Chase wore the shirt to school but had to take it off since, well, it was too violent.

Ninja Tomato Kaki Story

08/28/13 -- By: Thomas Blamire

In a spark of inspiration recently, I found my old story ‘Kaki’ for Ninja Tomato and realized that I had made so of the story, but never had completed it. So I have went thru my old plot and started re-drawing from that idea. Check it out.

Characters on the Pictures Page

10/14/11 -- By: TJ Blamire

I have included a Character snapshot on the pictures page if the tag of one of my characters is selected. You can see a head picture, their name and brief description of them. It also links to the Characters Page to see all of my original characters. The rest of the page shows all the pictures that are tagged with this Characters name.


09/08/11 -- By: Thomas Blamire

I signed up for the two contracting companies of Elance and Odesk this week. This should be able to make some new partners and contract gigs for Blamgraphics. I am extremely excited about these new prospects!

New Blitzkrieg Pictures

07/29/11 -- By: Thomas Blamire

New views of the covert operation team Blitzkrieg!
Lock + Load
Bad Day
I had a great day off on 7/27 and completed these two pictures. They are only penciled right now but I have plans to ink them too. They only took about 2 hours each to plan out and execute. I am fast!
- TJ

Blitz is here!

04/11/11 -- By: Thomas Blamire

I have completed a story involving my covert operation team Blitzkrieg!
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6!

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